"It's hard to condense all the good things happening at Graceland into one summary because there is so much to talk about."

~ Harry Ashenhurst, PhD `70
Chair, Board of Trustees


President Emeritus John Sellars and President Patricia Draves formed a strong partnership to ensure a smooth leadership transition. Dr. Draves began June 15 and had 30 days working with Dr. Sellars as President Emeritus. He has positioned the university to move to the next level for success and growth, and Dr. Draves brings the skills and commitment to lead us there.


Harry Ashenhurst, BOT

HLC and Accreditation.


Graceland University, under the leadership of President Emeritus Sellars and Katie Bash, received strong commendations from the Higher Learning Commission accreditation team, opening a pathway for another 10 years of accreditation. A huge thanks to all those who helped make this happen – that means everybody. It was an incredible team effort.

New Academic Programs.


The faculty streamlined the complete general education program to focus on key relevant themes in higher education – lifelong learning, efficiency and effectiveness – all geared to student success. The university is also completing a full program prioritization to match and implement its vision and mission.

Student Life Revitalization.


There is an exciting new focus in Student Life programming that integrates curricular and co-curricular activities, prioritizes retention and completion of degrees, and recruits student leadership that reflects Graceland’s diverse student body.

New Enrollment initiatives.


Graceland is embarking on a revitalized focus on recruitment of Community of Christ and “new-majority” students, and creating a better recruitment balance between academics and athletics. The alumni are stepping up to steer new students to Graceland and to create internships.

An Energized BOT.


The Board of Trustees continues to build a stronger, long-term sustainable model for Graceland with strategies for growth.

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