Studio G - Horizons Winter 2017 issue

          Creating Synergy


Studio G Group - Horizons Winter 2017 issue
Studio G Meeting - Horizons Winter 2017 issue

Walking through the Memorial Student Center (MSC) these days, you’re likely to catch a new type of collaborating taking place right in the center of campus. Three student organizations – The Acacia yearbook, The Tower newspaper and Communications Club – now occupy a shared space intended to boost student communication.

Studio G, as the new student communications center is called, is located on the mezzanine in the MSC Main Room with a view of the most active area of Graceland student life. Students involved in the afore mentioned organizations use the space as a hub for collecting information on Graceland events, stories and initiatives and dispersing it using at least one of the communications mediums available to them: campus digital signage, posters, email announcements and social media, to name a few.

“Studio G is a space that the yearbook staff only dreamed of my freshman year,” said Katelyn Metcalf, Acacia Editor. “Now that it’s a reality, the yearbook staff – along with the other organizations – finally have a place to call home. It has provided a space for us to plan, create and build relationships 


with one another. Studio G is truly a blessing to our staff.”

Additionally, with a physical space to showcase the work of The Acacia, The Tower and Communications Club, as well as the opportunities available to other students, these organizations have grown. The Acacia alone has welcomed 11 new members this year, according to Katelyn.


"Studio G is a space that the yearbook staff only dreamed of my freshman year.”


With the introduction of Studio G, the rest of the Graceland student body now also has a central location to take their yearbook photo, ask for help promoting their own clubs’ or organizations’ events, as well as offer feedback on the best ways to communicate with them on these and other important campus happenings and issues. Organizational student communication is better than ever before.