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Graceland student Hannah Krueger

Hannah Krueger

Meet Hannah Krueger. Hannah has become fully integrated into the Graceland family. Coming from Charlotte, North Carolina, she is entering her senior year completing a business administration degree with an interest in the field of marketing. Hannah is a member of both the golf and bowling teams, and she is an active member of Solah House. She is grateful for the strong and lasting relationships she has made with the members of her “House,” teammates, professors and coaches.

“Graceland just has this atmosphere about it that makes it feel like home. It’s a place that allows individuals to grow and leave a lasting impression. Graceland provides so many different opportunities to find your interest or passion.”
For Hannah, it was these opportunities – and especially the connections of Graceland faculty and administration – that led to her landing a summer internship at Miller Products Company in Osceola, Iowa. Miller Products specializes in manufacturing lock pins, hitch pins and other precision machined parts. Graceland President John Sellars served on a board with the owner of Miller Products, which began a discussion of student internships. That conversation later included Graceland Professor Jeff McElroy and has led to more than one very successful intern for Miller.

Hannah worked in the Marketing Department, running the social media presence for the company. She was in charge of writing weekly blogs, posting pictures and providing information on the company’s products. She also helped with web optimization and finding ways to market Miller Products Company to local colleges that offer degrees that train graduates on machine operation related to the company.

“This internship has been a great opportunity. Growing up in a generation surrounded by technology, social marketing is practically a second language. Because social media is one of the fastest growing marketing trends, this is perfect timing to be entering into this type of work,” explained Hannah.

Hannah feels this internship has provided her with insight into what a marketing job could entail for her after graduation – and she feels ready. It has been an invaluable experience, making her even more confident and hirable, and confirming this is the right path for her. “I would encourage every Graceland student to do an internship in their area of study,” Hannah says.

“I learned that marketing isn’t just about selling and promoting a product. It’s really about nurturing your clients and helping them feel comfortable and confident in you as a company. This is definitely an idea I can see that would transfer into any position or career field.”

Hannah has already landed her first job in the social media marketing field. She will be working as a student worker for the Graceland Communications Department for her senior year.