Generous Donation Gives Students Opportunity to Use Cutting-Edge Science Equipment

The faculty in Graceland’s Resch Science and Technology Hall take pride in the building’s scientific equipment and teaching labs available to students. So, when Dr. Mike Wiley ’83, Senior Organic Chemist at Eli Lilly and Graceland alumni board member, began inquiring about the needs of the department, Graceland University Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry, Dr. Mary Shawgo, piped up. On her wish list was a Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Lite Spectrophotometer, a patented sample retention system that measures the concentration of DNA in very small sample volumes of 1 μL (there is over 350,000 μL in one can of soda) with incredible accuracy. Presented last spring to the math and science department, students taking their intro class for biology, chemistry or pre-nursing get an opportunity to take samples of DNA from their cheek cells and determine how much DNA they have isolated with the NanoDrop Lite. Upper level biology students can conduct research with equipment giving Graceland students the confidence to step into interning roles at places like Eli Lilly with experience using equipment at a highly professional level. Because of the generosity of Graceland alumni like Dr. Wiley and his wife Dana Cochran-Wiley ’82, students gain valuable experience to take into their professional lives.

NanoDrop Lite - Horizons Winter 2017 issue

Pictured left to right: Bryan Nilsen, Candy Hernandez and Dr. Mary Shawgo