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A Student Centered Graceland

At the center of all forms of education is the student. It isn’t out of the ordinary, then, that Graceland would place an intentional focus on the student experience. However, as you’ll see referenced throughout this issue, that student-centered focus has grown from the subtle ways Graceland faculty, staff, administration and alumni impact the day-to-day lives of students during their Graceland experience to the deliberate and purposeful support being fostered throughout the Graceland community.


Education in any form exists to better the world. When done right, the outcome leads to individuals who apply what they've learned to make a difference in the world and in the lives of those around them. In the following stories, you’ll read examples of current Graceland students who aren’t waiting until they have a diploma to empower them to make that difference.








An exciting change is coming to the Graceland University Lamoni campus. As the university continues to emphasize the idea of a student-centered environment, it is appropriate that the Memorial Student Center (MSC), a building that is so much a part of every student’s life, should receive major renovations that will greatly impact students and their Graceland experience.


Jeanne Davis

A message from we,
the storytellers

This issue of Horizons marks a new first. This is the first issue since 2013 that does not have the beautiful touch of Editor Jeanne Davis ’81. Jeanne 
retired as Graceland University Director of Communications this summer. In addition to her leadership and counsel, passion for a story and impeccable taste, Jeanne complimented us with her friendship. Those of us in the Communications Office who follow in her footsteps are pleased to bring you this issue in her honor.



Homecoming King and Queen

Come Back to the Future..

Board Chair Harry Ashenhurst

From the Board Chair
The Future is Now...