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Working at a university is like watching a parade. It never stays still. Something is always coming down the street, passing in front of you and then heading on by. That seemed especially true this year. The Graceland president who guided us through a rough-and-tumble economic roller coaster retired after a decade of faithful service, leaving behind an incredible legacy. 

Under the leadership of Dr. John Sellars, the campus underwent a facelift with the Resch Science and Technology Hall, the Fitz, the Small and Thomas Apartments, remodeling in the residence halls and, of course, the magnificent addition to Shaw Center. The budget is on firm footing, the endowment is growing and the university just won a glowing renewed accreditation. Thank you, President Sellars. Well done, good and faithful servant. 

The parade continues as Graceland welcomes a new president, who brings a wealth of academic experience. Dr. Patricia H. Draves was Vice President of Academic Affairs at Mount Union University in Alliance, Ohio. An added bonus: she brings her husband, Jeff, with his distinguished credentials as a chemist, who is teaching in the Division of Science and Mathematics. Welcome, Drs. Draves, to Graceland.

President Draves and Graceland are already proving to be a good fit. She plans to spend much of the first year getting to know the institution, its people and traditions, and she is keeping an open door to those who want to share their vision for Graceland’s future, including alumni and friends. She is anxious to meet as many of our Graceland family as possible, to learn your stories and why so many are proud to support our efforts. Your donations of money, time, expertise and resources are strong evidence of an institution worthy of support.  

The following donor report seeks to honor and recognize those who have supported our efforts during the 2016-17 school year. Many are loyal in their annual giving, which sustains Graceland through the good and hard times. For each and every supporter, we are grateful. Thank you for remembering Graceland and giving the gift of education to deserving students.

Kelly W. Everett
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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