Graduation Cap


Graceland recognized two alumni with
honorary doctorate degrees and acknowledged
four faculty for outstanding service and
dedication to the university community.

Honorary Doctorate Degrees

Honorary Doctorate Degrees

Left to Right: Harry Ashenhurst, Zana Rudi, John Menzies, Dhurata Hoxha, John Sellars



Graceland alumnae Zana Rudi ’06, Kosovo’s ambassador to Panama, and Dhurata Hoxha ’04, Minister of Justice of the government of the Republic of Kosovo, received honorary doctorate degrees for their service to the government of Kosovo in an effort to create stability and prosperity for the country’s future.

Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching

Linda DeBarthe

Linda DeBarthe, PhD ’86, Professor of Accounting, a third-generation Graceland graduate and 14th-generation teacher

Excellence in Scholarly Achievement

Bradley H. Brewster

Bradley H. Brewster, PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Exceptional Service

Isaac Pressnell

Isaac Pressnell, MFA, Division Chair and Assistant Professor of English

Professor Emeritus Status

Ronald K. Smith

Ronald K. Smith, PhD ’74, retired from teaching mathematics after 39 years at the university