Emily Rose, '12

Graceland student Emily Rose `12

Accomplishment: Senior Honors Best Paper Award
Major: Religion/Philosophy
House: Shalom

Emily Rose ’12 isn’t one for filling out applications.

In high school, Emily knew exactly where she wanted to go to college. Graceland was the only university she troubled herself to apply to.

And financially, Emily knew the exact scholarship at Graceland she wanted: Prestigious Honors, a competitive Honors Program scholarship with the potential for full-ride tuition.

And fortunately for Emily, these two applications were the only ones she needed. The Prestigious Honors recipient is in her senior year at Graceland and has become one of the biggest movers and shakers on campus.

Emily has performed a heap of work with campus ministries, participating in CCLP and holding various leadership positions such as Chaplain, Peace and Justice Coordinator (two consecutive years) and Sunday Morning Worship Coordinator. She’s worked with Outreach International club and served in the World Service Corps, spending a summer in the Pacific Islands.

Emily’s work with the Honors Program is prominent. Last year, she presented scholarly material in North Dakota at the Upper Midwest Honors Conference and this year she won the award for Senior Honors Seminar Best Paper for her study of consumerism’s impact on the environment.

"Graceland empowers you to chase afterwhat you find to be your passion."

“The Honors Program challenges you to find a subject that you love and then pursue it. I was given the opportunity to do something completely outside my major and I’ve fallen in love with it so much that it has guided my plans for next year. It’s shaped how I want to live,” said Emily.

Emily is a Religion/Philosophy and English double major. She would eventually like to work as either a full time minister for Community of Christ or go into nonprofit human service work.

Division of Humanities, Religion & Pholiosophy, English