Honors Program

Create Your Own Challenge

The Graceland Honors Program puts YOU in charge of your education:

  • YOU decide how much more you want to get out of your college experience.
  • YOU write the contract with your instructor to develop an individual study.
  • YOU determine with your professor how to convert a regular class into an honors course.
  • YOU choose the topic of your honors thesis or project.
  • YOU provide the drive and desire, and Graceland will support you in your pursuit of intellectual expansion.

Explore Your Potential

What are your particular concerns? Your goals? Your dreams?
Honors classes can help you discover yourself through:

  • In-depth exploration of special interests, ideas and issues.
  • Field trips to cultural centers, conferences, and performances.
  • Junior and Senior Honors Seminars with your academic peers.
  • Friendships and classes with an international community of student scholars.

Acceptance Criteria

The Honors Council provides for students an in-depth and varied means to acheive their academic honors goals based on the students' particular area of focus and expertise. You are encouraged to communicate with Dr. Brian White, the Honors Director, as you work on achieving your goal of participating in this program.

More information about needed criteria is found here.



Apply to the
Honors Program

Express Your Academic Excellence!

An Honors Degree is a distinguished way to prepare for graduate school and a career. Graduating with honors signals distinction and excellence on your transcript and resume.

Apply to the program as soon as possible--You can even submit your Honors application with your Graceland University application.

For more information about Graceland University's Honors Program, please complete the online information card. Be sure to put "Honors Program" on the Academic Interests line. You may also call us at 866.GRACELAND (U.S. & Canada) or email our Admissions Office.

If you have already filled out the online information card,email us and we will get back to you, answering your questions about this amazing academic opportunity.