Graceland University Athletic Training Education program has chosen to voluntarily withdraw its accreditation effective May 1, 2018.


Athletic training internship is composed of a minimum of 8 s.h. of academic credit. Students participate in field experiences providing practical application of knowledge and skills in a professional setting. Students function under the supervision of a BOC certified athletic trainer or other health care provider. Students must complete internship focuses on lower extremity, upper extremity, general medical conditions, and equipment intensive areas, and gain experience with a variety of patients. Students have the opportunity to complete their internships in a variety of settings.

Graceland University Athletics

Graceland competes as a NAIA institution and competes in the Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC). Athletic training students may work with up to 30 different athletic teams. This comprises the majority of students’ internship experiences.

Capitol Orthopaedics

This internship is appropriate for those students that would like to strengthen their knowledge of a variety of orthopedic conditions, injuries, and surgical interventions. Capitol Orthopaedics is an orthopedic medical facility located in Des Moines, Iowa. Students observe and discuss a multitude of orthopedic conditions with Team Orthopedic Physician, Dr. William Jacobson and other physicians on site. Athletic training students also have the opportunity to observe various orthopedic surgeries.

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa (formerly Decatur Medical Services)

This internship is appropriate for students interested in the general medical facility or career as a physician extender. Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa is a rural health care clinic servicing Lamoni and surrounding communities in southern Iowa and northern Missouri. Students have the opportunity to work with the medical staff, including Team Physician, Dr. Mark Easter, examining a variety of general medical conditions. Students also participate and learn about the operation of the medical office, including laboratory specimens, paperwork, scheduling, and medical billing.

Decatur County Hospital: Rehabilitation Services

This internship is appropriate for those students interested in working in the clinical setting. Decatur County Hospital Rehabilitation Services serves the local rural area of southern Iowa and northern Missouri. Athletic training students have the opportunity to work with patients and a variety of rehabilitation experts including physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. Students work with a diverse group of patients and conditions.

Lamoni Chiropractic Center & Wellness Club

This internship is appropriate for students interested in complementary and holistic therapies, as well as wellness activities. Lamoni Chiropractic is a well equipped chiropractic and wellness clinic located in the heart of Lamoni. Students interact with patients and observe the practice of Dr. Bryan Nowlin. Students are exposed to a variety of specialties including massage therapy, aroma therapy, x-ray, diathermy, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, wellness, and manual chiropractic treatments.

Lamoni High School

This internship is appropriate for students that are interested in pursing careers in high school athletics. Lamoni High School is a 1A high school competing in the Blue Grass Conference. Athletic training students can participate in the daily activities of practice as well as attend and travel to football games under the direction of coach Dr. Bryan Nowlin.

Higher Education Teaching: Graceland University

This internship is for athletic training students who are interested in pursuing a career in higher education. Students, under the direction and supervision of an athletic training educator, participate in the daily activities of an athletic training course of their choosing. Students may participate in course construction and evaluation, instructional methods and materials, as well as student evaluation. Students will have a deepened understanding of didactic and clinical competencies involved in the delivery of athletic training education.