Supporting Graceland, Supporting The Future

Institutional Advancement builds relationships that provide opportunities to transform lives.

You are the future of Graceland. It’s people like you—alumni, parents and friends of Graceland University—who are vital in helping us shape the Graceland of tomorrow. Through your ongoing generosity and involvement we are able to maintain and develop our programs and facilities, provide new opportunities to (current and future) students and faculty, and secure the University's next chapters.

Whether you choose to make a gift today or take advantage of our estate planning or other giving options, the impact of your investment will reach far beyond our campuses. As our graduates go out into the world, they bring the skills and compassion of their Graceland education to their lives, their professions, and their communities. Your support allows us to continue to innovate and serve the needs of an ever-changing student population—including some, scattered throughout the US and abroad, advancing their education through our online programs.

Our staff is here to help you realize your personal hopes and dreams, as well as understand your giving options. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or simply want to catch up.

Beneath the rich traditions and legacy of Graceland's century-long heritage, lies a quiet but bold aspiration to attain a new level of excellence. Our vision, built upon our relationship to our rich history, is to become a recognized educational leader, inspiring and empowering people to transformational service and leadership.

You can help make this a reality.

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NotePad Trivia Questions & Answers

  • What new Graceland degree was launched in Fall of 2011? Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • What Lamoni campus construction projects are in progress or were completed during the 2011-12 school year? SHAW Center renovation, Small and Thomas Apartments, and the FITZ Center
  • What is the dollar goal of the current Graceland Forever Campaign launched in October 2011? $75 million
  • Which student houses will celebrate their 50th year at Homecoming 2012? Aaron, Agape, Closson, Faunce, Stewart Manor, Shalom, Sariah, Solah
  • Where do students go in the middle of the night to get cinnamon rolls? Eagleville Dinner Bell
  • How does purchasing a personalized brick for the Brick Plaza support students? The donation amount above the cost of the brick is added to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship to provide financial aid to descendants of Graceland alumni.
  • How many students received financial aid last year? 1433 received grants, 1811 received loans, and 487 are engaged in work study.
  • There is a life-size statue standing in the Lamoni campus library and occasionally gets moved to a different location on campus. Who does the statue depict? Abraham Lincoln
  • How many different sports do student-athletes compete in conference play? Twelve: baseball, softball, basketball, cross country, track and field, football, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, cheer and Gadets dance team.
  • What special event will be celebrated during Homecoming in 2012? Dedication of the Shaw Center
  • What does the Latin term, “Prudens Futuri,” found on the Graceland seal, mean? Wisdom for the Future
  • What have the two new apartment buildings been named? Thomas Apartments and Small Apartments after Richard and Norma Thomas Small.
  • For 2010-11, which school in the HAAC conference had the best men athletes’ average GPA? Graceland!
  • Which building on the Lamoni campus held the first gymnasium? Zimmermann Hall
  • When did social clubs end at Graceland and the House system begin? The social clubs last year was 1961-62. 1962-63 was a new beginning for the House system.
  • What was “the San?” Graceland’s nursing program and campus in Independence, MO had its roots with the Independence Sanitarium and Hospital Diploma School of Nursing from 1910 until the ‘60s. Graceland’s BSN was officially approved by the Board of Trustees in 1968. The Nursing Program has continued to evolve adding masters and doctorate level programs.
  • In 1910 Graceland’s colors were chosen. What are they? Old Gold and Navy Blue
  • What is the Heritage Club and how do I join? The Heritage Club honors those who name Graceland in their estate plans (will, trust, IRA, insurance commitments). Notify the Development Office at 800-645-3582 of the gift to become a member.