Tools and Tips

How to Access Databases from Off-campus

It is possible for Graceland students and staff to access the library databases when they are off campus

Many publishers do not allow unrestricted access to electronic databases. For this reason Graceland University is only permitted to allow access to Graceland students and employees.

These instructions explain how valid students and employees can access databases when they are off-campus. (No special authorization is necessary when you are using a computer that is part of the Graceland Communication Network)

  1. Using a Web browser go to the Graceland Library Web page.
  2. Choose a database to search from the links on the left side of the screen. Databases are found in the following catagories: Library and Book Catalogs; Periodical Articles; Reference Databases.
  3. If you have chosen a restricted database a screen will be displayed requesting a username and password.
  4. For the username:
    1. If you are a student, type your Graceland ID number (six-digit number)
    2. If you are a Graceland employee, type your network login name.
  5. For the password:
    1. If you are a student, type your own last name (lower case letters)
    2. If you are a Graceland employee, type your network password.
  6. Click on the Submit Query button.
  7. You should be given access to the database you chose. Once you have logged on to one database you will not have to log on to any other database during the current browser session.
  8. If you have any problems or questions please email them toMarsha Jackel or call 641.784.5361