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The DuRose Rare Book Room

Community of Christ and Religious Texts

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The DuRose Rare Book Room is located at the Frederick Madison Smith Library at Graceland University. It is a small collection of specialized volumes that focus on the history and literature of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints (RLDS), now known as Community of Christ. All books in this collection are non-circulating, non-browsable closed stacks. Access to these materials must be specially requested, and researchers must remain in the reading room with materials from the DuRose room.

Much of this collection is cataloged, however, there is a significant amount of uncatalogued items in this collection, so not everything within this collection may be found via the library catalog.

The Graceland University Archive

Graceland College and University History Collections

The Graceland University Archive is also located in the Frederick Madison Smith Library. The archives contain photographs, Acacia yearbooks, The Tower Newspapers, paper, Ledgers, House Scrapbooks, slides, negatives, signs, directories, and many other bits of ephemera all related to the rich history of Graceland University.

The contents of the Graceland University Archive is largely unorganized and uncatalogued.