Graceland University Lamoni Campus

Since 1895, Graceland University has offered an outstanding academic experience to students from more than 45 states and 32 countries. The incredible diversity of Graceland University students requires that a Graceland education be attainable for all students and their families. Graceland financial advisors are willing to help all students find their way to an affordable and excellent education. We are committed to managing our costs, now and in the future, while maintaining the quality of education we provide every student. Costs for the 2014-2015 academic year are:

  Annual   Semester
Tuition $24,570 $12,285
Room     3,230     1,615
Board    4,830     2,415
Activity Fee       350
Total Direct Costs $32,980   $16,490

Room cost is based on a 2-person room.

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