Faculty Highlights

Graceland University Associate Professor of Economics Rob Poulton, PhD; Associate Professor of Business Max Pitt, MBA; and Professor of Economics Steve Anders, PhD, attended the annual DeMarche Economics Conference in Overland Park, Kansas, Thursday, Sept. 13.  The conference title was “Direction Please; Navigating Crucial Decision to Reach Your Investment Goals.” Presentations included changes on the demographic horizon, real estate markets and trends, and the present and future macroeconomic environment.

Graceland University Professor of Art Julia Franklin, MFA, received a 2018 Iowa Artist Fellowship from Governor Kim Reynolds in late July. This once-in-a-lifetime award gives Franklin $10,000 to prioritize her art. This money is going to the leasing of Studio #456 in Mainframe Studios in downtown Des Moines. Mainframe hosts a free open house/open studio event the first Friday of each month, so everyone is invited to tour the building and visit Franklin's space as well as the other 45 artists who create in the building. Franklin is also using the funds to do research, buy professional-grade art supplies and ship artwork. Another perk of the fellowship allowed Franklin to participate in a three-day intensive professional development seminar from Creative Capital, which gave her time with consultants to develop art goals and new exhibition opportunities.

Graceland University Assistant Proessor of Communication Ildo Kim chaired a session, "At the intersection of Cognition, Emotion, and Message," and presented a paper, "Can't remember but like it: Towards the understanding of humor effects in advertising," at the 68th annual International Communication Association (ICA) conference held May 24-28 at Prague, Czech Republic.

This summer, Paul E. Morden Seminary Chair in Religion Anthony Chvala-Smith completed his book, "A Way of Life: Understanding Our Christian Faith," which is a much-revised version of his earlier book, "Understanding the Way: Exploring Our Christian Faith (2nd edition 2011)." The 3rd edition has new introduction and five new chapters, including one on faith and science. It is currently in the editorial process and is scheduled for publication in April 2019.

Graceland University Professor of Psychology Brian Smith presented an interactive session, "Strategies for Increasing Teacher Empathy to Improve Student Performance," with his wife and collaborator, Sal Meyers, at the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, Bethesda, Maryland, this summer. At the same conference, Smith and Meyers shared a poster titled "Increasing Students’ Willingness to Revise Papers While Minimizing Negative Emotions."