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The Graceland University Enactus team has partnered with HealthEd Connect for several years. In the past, the collaboration with HealthEd Connect has entailed training volunteer healthcare workers for income-generating activities geared toward supplementing the school lunch programs in HealthEd Connect-funded community schools; working with community members on several other income-generating projects such as a bike rental program, bead marketing and pen making projects, and compost gardens; and the planting of moringa trees, which contain great health and nutritional benefits.

Most recently, in May 2015, the GU Enactus team continued assessing and looking at the income-generating activities, visited orphans who are enrolled in HealthEd Connect schools and learned more about their living conditions and how to assist with appropriate interventions, learned about the school system itself and taught lessons in the schools, and started working on a brand new income-generating project with the sewing club to make rice bags out of chitenges, which is the beautiful fabric that Zambian women wear as wraps.

One of the most exciting things the team witnessed last May was a tire-garden program the team introduced to the three schools in January 2014. One of Graceland Enactus's traveling members showed the locals how planting edible greens in a tire helps them to grow quicker, due to the sunlight the tires absorb, the way the structure retains water more efficiently, and the way that the roots have more room to grow into soft soil.  In Chipilukusu, the first Zambian community HealthEd Connect started working in showed us they had two gardens: one with tires and one without, just to see for themselves how much quicker the tire garden produced leafy greens. Now the community schools are able to feed their students fresh-cut greens once a week, as opposed to once a month.