Student Development

The Events team organizes a number of events focused on preparing students for future success in the business world. Throughout the year, this team is teaching Graceland students the keys to success in the professional business world. They invite keynote speakers to campus, provide networking opportunities, organize mock interviews to show students key interview tips and, in one of the favorite events of the year, they plan a fashion show where students model an array of business casual and business professional outfits.

Sometimes, the keynote speakers are alumni from Graceland Enactus! The whole team enjoys seeing how Graceland University Enactus's project work has shaped the career paths of those keynote speakers and about how their experience on the team has prepared them for the future.

This team has also been working with Graceland's Alumni Board to create the mentorship program GU4U. GU4U's goal is to help students navigate their way through college by pairing underclassmen with upperclassmen mentors on campus, as well as helping students connect with alumni in their desired field to help with career path advice, difficult questions, networking and job/internship opportunities.

guys shake hands

Enactus students at reception

guy and girl at Enactus reception