Local Motion

The Local Motion team works with local businesses based on their individual needs. Each year, this team works with a number of businesses within the greater Lamoni, Iowa, region. The team helps these businesses access and apply for grants to increase their financial stability.  

The Local Motion team helped to secure the Sam's Club Step Up for Small Business grant for the local coffee house, providing the owner with the means to purchase merchandise to attract new customers. This team also collaborates with local business owners, assisting them in creating business and marketing plans. The team works closely with the Lamoni Area Chamber of Commerce, as well, to continue to network and learn about the different businesses of Lamoni.

The Local Motion team also likes to host fun events that engages businesses throughout Lamoni, such as a night called, "Christmas on Linden," where businesses are open throughout an evening of Christmas shopping, pictures with Santa and live music at a local restaurant!

Creating lasting relationships with local business owners is something the Local Motion team strives to do. They recognize that the relational approach is both what makes the project work successful, as well as what drives the team's passion to work toward a better tomorrow.

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