Each year, the Graceland University Enactus team competes at National Exposition against over 500 other universities. At National Exposition 2014, the Graceland Enactus team placed in the top 12 in the nation. The past three years, the team has placed within the top 32 teams in the nation.

Competition provides Enactus teams the chance to compete against schools from all over the country and of all sizes. The authentic project work of Graceland Enactus fuels the ability to compete each year. Over the weeklong competition, the Graceland Enactus team is inspired by other Enactus teams' project work and are able to see the remarkable change that all Enactus teams are enabling.

The Graceland University Enactus team finds it extremely important that our very own students are the ones who compose our competition materials. From script writing to visual presentation design to coaching the presentation team, the journey to nationals each year is paved by members of our own team.

Group of students on stage at Enactus competition

Male student smiling into the camera lens at the Enactus National Exposition

Looking up the side of a skyscraper into the sunny sky