Executive Director for Planning and Effectiveness

The Executive Director for Planning and Effectiveness serves as the President’s liaison, collaborating across the institution to encourage a culture of strategic planning and continuous quality improvement. As well as ensuring that relevant data, analysis, and improvement responsibilities are accomplished and documented routinely, at the university and program levels, according to required timelines. The university-wide collaboration inspired by this position requires leadership demonstrated through a growth mindset, modeling, and helping community members to overcome the fear of failure as they learn to innovate and improve.  This position will play a key role in enabling individuals, and therefore Graceland as a whole, to be continually student-centered, relevant, agile, effective, sustainable, and contributing to the greater good.

At Graceland, planning and decision-making are informed by data. This position supervises the Institutional Research and Reporting Coordinator to provide consistent, accurate data on a routine and ad hoc basis to individuals and groups in support of university-wide program review, accreditation, state authorization, and institutional quality improvement efforts. Together the two positions are responsible for submitting federal, state, and published reports that help promote Graceland. A Master’s Degree is required.  Advanced computer and system skills are essential. The ideal candidate must have the ability to understand and promote both qualitative and research processes and perform basic statistical data analysis. Excellent communication and collaboration skills are necessary, along with the ability to establish rapport and engagement. Must have the ability to identify, create, and use data for decision-making, to assess risk level regarding legal complications and vulnerability sanctions, to problem-solve, and supervise.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and contact information for 3 references to:  Graceland University, Human Resources Office, 1 University Pl, Lamoni, IA  50140.  Electronic submission is encouraged:  personnel@graceland.edu.  Phone inquiries to 641-784-5447.