Vision, Mission and Conceptual Framework

Vision Statement

The Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education is committed to being a premier school of teacher education that is visionary, innovative and transformative.

Mission Statement

We develop educational leaders who practice an ethic of care and are agents for social change. We create inclusive learning communities that are transformative, critical and reflexive. Supported by 21st century technologies, we are process oriented and continuously working toward our goal to provide innovative and cutting-edge programs.

We have an expressed and committed sensitivity to diverse learners. Our candidates learn to utilize a culturally responsive higher education that meets the challenges of a global world.

The faculty is committed to professional development and, in turn, supports students in career-oriented paths of learning resulting in the development of competent, professional educators. The Gleazer School of Education is dedicated to promoting visionary, innovative and responsive communities of practice.

Conceptual Framework

Preparing and supporting effective teachers who...


Candidates seek to establish a relationship of unconditional acceptance and respect for learners.


Candidates analyze and synthesize from their experiences, articulating what they have felt, thought and learned through instructing learners.


Candidates prepare to lead instruction and assume leadership roles to advance their profession.


Candidates engage in high levels of involvement with learners, colleagues and the community.