Post-Graduate Endorsement

Post-graduates from Graceland or other institutions may seek additional endorsements through Graceland University.

Follow the steps below in the same order if you are a Graceland graduate returning for an endorsement.

If you are a graduate from another institution, start with step 2. You must first be accepted to Graceland before your transcripts will be evaluated.

(1) Notify the School of Education ( that you are considering Graceland for an additional endorsement in your field. The Field Office will work with you and the Registrar to determine the coursework required for the endorsement.

(2) If you decide to go forward with the endorsement and enroll at Graceland, contact Admissions ( to activate your file. New students will need to apply and request official transcripts be sent to Admissions. If you are a returning Graceland student, you will also need to send official transcripts for any college-level coursework completed at another institution. The application fee is waived for part-time students.

Send official transcripts to

Graceland University
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA 50140

(3) Write a letter detailing how you plan to meet the requirements for the practicum. The letter should include

  • Explanation of how you will meet the required hours for the practicum

  • Explanation of who will observe you teaching three lessons in the environment and their qualifications to qualify as an appropriately licensed teacher or administrator

  • Explanation of how you intend to cover the cost of the course. You can review Graceland's tuition rates HERE. Questions can be addressed to Student Financial Services, 866.GRACELAND.

Send letter or email to

Graceland University, School of Education
Dave Trewhitt, Director of Field Experience
1401 W. Truman Road
Independence, MO 64050-3434

Endorsement Information

Endorsement Program Length Credit Hours
Special Education 80 hours (two weeks) 2
Reading 120 hours (three weeks) 3
PK-K 100 hours (two and one half weeks) 2.5
Art K-8 80 hours (two weeks)  2
Music K-8 80 hours (two weeks) 2
PE K-8 80 hours (two weeks) 2
Secondary 80 hours (two weeks) 2
Middle School 5-8 80 hours (two weeks) 2

Licensed teachers can substitute a practicum for full student teaching under the supervision of an appropriately licensed teacher or a school administrator who observes three lessons and observes your teaching enough to do an evaluation for you. You must complete the required practicum journals, reflections and other paperwork described below. You will email these to the designated Graceland University supervisor.

Districts can hire you if you have complete at least 12 hours toward the endorsement and a plan to finish the other classes within two years. If you are teaching on a temporary license for a school district, you can do the practicum in your own classroom if a school administrator agrees to do the supervision.

  1. Lesson Plans and Reflections — Prepare and teach three lessons for a two- or three-semester-hour experience or one lesson for a one-semester-hour experience. Your cooperating teacher/administrator will observe and evaluate your planning and delivery of the lesson(s). The lesson plan should include your analysis of the lesson taught including strengths and weaknesses, your reflection, and your considerations for future practice. Submit the lesson plan(s) to the Graceland University supervisor as email attachments.

  2. Journal — Keep a daily journal to reflect on your school/classroom activities and to provide evidence that you are addressing InTASC principles in your teaching. For every 40 hours (five full days) of practicum, a journal entry should be submitted in one document to the Graceland University supervisor as an email attachment.

  3. Student Work Samples Analysis and Rationale — For one of the lessons taught, collect three samples of evidence of student achievement that demonstrate your ability to accurately plan and assess student learning. You will analyze the three samples to provide a rationale of why you identified these artifacts as meeting the criteria of "not met," "met" and "exemplary." If the range of artifacts does not represent all three categories, describe what an artifact that exemplifies what the missing category would look like. The goal is to be able to show convincingly that you know how these achievement levels present themselves in the student performance.

    Student work samples can simply be photos of student work you take with a smart phone, mobile device or camera. The images, along with your analysis, can be put into a single Word document or sent as separate email attachments to the Graceland University supervisor.

  4. Timesheet — Download the Practicum Timesheet, and open it with Microsoft Word to complete electronically. Submit to the university supervisor as an email attachment. The cooperating teacher/administrator will verify your hours on their InTASC evaluation form. 

    To finish a practicum successfully, you must complete
    One semester hour (40 hours)
    Two semester hours (80 hours)
    Three semester hours (120 hours)

Check to see that your cooperating teacher/administrator has received the evaluation forms and instructions. Review the completed evaluation forms with the teacher, and sign the last page to verify you have seen your evaluation. Remind them to submit all forms to the Field Experience Office as soon as you complete the practicum. Your cooperating teacher's evaluation is needed before you receive a pass/fail grade for the course.

To receive a passing grade, you cannot receive more than two Developing ratings by your cooperating teacher/administrator. You must receive all Developing ratings or above on assignments to your university supervisor.