Education Alumni Testimonials

Luis Caraballo

Thanks to you and your wonderful staff and university. I am truly a better educator just by my lessons learned while at Graceland University.

You have given me opportunities that ring true of your ethos…that you care for your students and hence empower us to do the same.

- Luis Caraballo `12
MEd in Differentiated Instruction



Rebecca Mace

Furthering my education at Graceland University has put me one step closer to becoming National Board certified. It was the curriculum, which is geared towards the propositions supporting the National Board for Professional Teaching, that was the deciding factor for me to pursue the Master's in Education – Curriculum and Instruction at Graceland University. Also, Graceland kept the working professionals in mind with the program’s flexibility and practicality. The professors and leaders within the program have provided real-world insight and theory that bridge the gap between classroom learning and everyday teaching. The knowledge I am gaining from the professors and guest speakers has directly influenced my professional life.

- Rebecca Mace
MEd in Curriculum and Instruction
Blackburn Elementary 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year