Teaching Strategies That Can Help You Change Your Classroom

To become a great teacher, you must learn to understand your students on a personal level. Doing so can help you create a safe, fun and motivating learning environment that gives your students greater opportunity to succeed.

At Graceland University, the Master in Education in Management in a Quality Classroom program combines three of the industry’s most effective classroom management education strategies to create a curriculum that can help you better communicate with today’s students and create a well-managed classroom. 

Today, we’re going to provide a brief overview of each strategy, so you can learn some of the secrets to creating a better educational experience. 

Erwin’s Management Strategy

This strategy suggests that positive relationships are the key to classroom development. In contrast to traditional teaching methods that emphasize power and dominance to control students, this strategy encourages teachers to meet their students’ individual social and emotional needs. Based on learning concepts such as internal control psychology and total behavior, these methods can help create a productive and successful classroom experience for all students. As Erwin accounts, these strategies helped him transform his classroom by eliminating behavior problems. He even showed students how to use some of his techniques to improve their family relationships and personal lives.  

Tomlinson’s Differentiated Instruction Strategy

Every teacher knows that each student has individual needs. However, many contemporary programs and curricula fail to account for this and instead promote outdated methods that amount to a one-size-fits-all mentality. Through Tomlinson’s Differentiated Instruction strategy, teachers will learn new ways to accommodate all kinds of studentsand employ active planning strategies that can help them succeed in their studies. 

Glasser’s Quality Schools Strategy

Do you aspire to an administrative role in education? If so, you will appreciate the methodology that this approach provides. The Glasser Quality Schools strategy provides a model and a plan for struggling schools who wish to incorporate the best in modern teaching theory in order to improve their institutions.

Through this master’s program, teachers will not only learn to develop their classroom management skills, they’ll also gain the knowledge they need to lead their institutions forward and become more effective teachers and administrators.

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