First Annual

Educators Rising Conference 2018
"Aiming Higher"

Thursday, April 12
Graceland University - Lamoni, IA Campus


Educators Rising Logo



John Wayne Long - Emmy Award winning producer
Joni Readout - Milken Award winning teacher


Conference Schedule

**The conference is being held in conjunction with the Graceland University Scholars’ Showcase which highlights outstanding scholarly work by Graceland students. 


What is Educators Rising?

Educators Rising is an international student organization that fosters the development of high school and pre-service students on a path to becoming accomplished educators. Educators Rising is “integrated into co-curricular programs of study in which students engage in college-level coursework and gain authentic, clinical opportunities to try out teaching.”  (


Educators Rising in Iowa

Educators Rising is a fairly new development in Iowa, but can already be found in 15 schools, colleges or universities across the state. If you are interested in starting a program, contact Dennis McElroy at Graceland University for more information. 


Please email Dennis McElroy with the following information:

  • Teacher(s) name(s)
  • School name and address
  • Student names
  • Student year in school (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior)
  • Name of local newspaper