health care management

Bachelor of Arts – Health Care Management

You can gain a fundamental understanding of health care delivery systems and services, as well as the factors that impact the health care environment. You will have the opportunity to complete a health care administration degree that builds upon your previous education and professional background. Up to 30 hours of credit may be received for previous work experience and continuing education. In addition to the general education requirements, you must complete 30 semester hours as prescribed below:

Course curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Management includes:

  •     Principles of Marketing
  •     Healthcare Finance and Economics
  •     Human Resources and Organizational Behavior for Healthcare
  •     Internship in Healthcare Management
  •     Introduction to Healthcare Informatics
  •     Healthcare Electronic Database Systems
  •     Electronic Data Management
  •     Quality Assurance in Operation Management
  •     Leadership in Healthcare
  •     Legal Aspects of Healthcare Management

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