Gunsolley Hall

Academic Housing:

  • Men's Residence Hall
  • Rooms: 78
  • Capacity: 141
  • Houses by floor:
    • First Floor: Units
    • Second Floor: Powell
    • Third Floor: Closson
    • Fourth Floor: Orion


Special Features:

  • Elevator Access (for Move in days & special needs)
  • Double and single occupancy rooms
  • Restrooms with individual shower stalls
  • Wireless Internet throughout the building
  • 2 Wired Internet Ports in each room (student must provide internet cable)
  • 1 Cable TV port in each room including one premium channel (HBO) (with provided coaxial cable)
  • House lounge on 2nd-4th floors (shared by 35-40 men)
  • Laundry Facilities 2nd-4th floors (2 washers and 2 Dryers)
  • Bed lofting/bunking kits provided
  • Room furniture for each occupant includes 1 chair & desk. 1 Dresser. 1 Wardrobe and 1 Bed.

Hall Address:

Gunsolley Residence Hall
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA 50140

Contact Information:

Hall Director: Colby Connelly 641-784-5382
Reception Desk: 641-784-5385

Hall History:

Gunsolley Residence Hall opened in the fall of 1951 to 86 residents. "Garver Hall" was orignally recommended to the Board of Trustees as the buildings name; the board deferred this action. Then on May 13, 1951 the board chose Gunsolley Hall in recognition of original faculty member Jeremiah A. Gunsolley.