It’s college. That means having fun, too.

So, grab your calendar, and circle a few days because there are some good times being planned.


COSA Events

The Campus Organization for Social Activities (COSA) plans a variety of events during the year ranging from dances and airband competitions to professional comedians and more. 


Within walking distance of campus, Graceland owns and operates the local movie theater. In addition to showing double-features Friday through Sunday, the Coliseum also shows a special movie on Thursday nights at 9:30 p.m. just for Graceland students. Best of all, the Thursday night movie is free, just show your student ID at the door.



Graceland's own 'night spot', Choices is open every Friday and Saturday from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Students can dance, catch a game of pool or foosball, eat snacks, or just hang out all within a smoke- and alcohol-free environment. 


Hiking and Biking (and swimming and camping)

If you would like to get a little exercise or just want to experience the beauty of the surrounding country-side, Lamoni sports a six-mile bike trail. Or, you can go a bit further and visit Slip Bluff Park for hiking and fishing or Nine Eagles State Park where in addition to fishing and hiking, you can swim in the 64-acre lake.


The Big City

Small-town life is relaxing, but sometimes you need to speed things up. You can get to the restaurants, major league sports and entertainment opportunities of Des Moines in about an hour, Kansas City in less than two hours and Omaha in around three hours.