New Year's In November? Yes, Please.

New Year's In November? Yes, Please.

by: Mikayla Austin '17


As the month of November approaches, there are many activities that go on around Graceland’s campus. One of the biggest events put on by COSA is New Year’s in November. Because classes aren’t in session on Dec. 31, celebrating the new year in November is a Graceland tradition.

Every year there is a theme for the dance. There has been Willy Wonka, Harry Potter and even Masquerade. This year’s theme was the roaring 20s and upon arrival I had to ask myself, “did I just step into an alternate universe? I was convinced I took a time machine back 96 years. Everything was dazzling.

The Memorial Student Center (MSC) Main Room was decked out in gold and swirling multicolored lights. Empty champagne glasses glittered from side tables and flashes from people’s cameras went off left and right.  There were streamers strung from the ceiling to the middle of the dance floor where a chandelier was suspended. Photo booths lined the outskirts of the dance floor as students came filtering in and out. A DJ blared music from the speakers as students danced to current hits. Pretty sure someone dressed in an all gold suit and sunglasses towered above the crowd on the ramp by Brad Carr’s office, maybe it was Jay Gatsby himself?

Each year at New Year’s in November there are activities that fill all the hallwyas of the MSC. Want to get a temporary tattoo? Or a macramé portrait of yourself? Occupy yourself with some card games? Maybe just sit back and enjoy some fancy food? Or dance the night away? New Years in November is the place to be! At 9:50, it was time to meet up with my hall and take a “House” picture together in the Graceland Student Government (GSG) office. Another flash entered my pupils as I made my way back inside the Main Room.

The food provided by Sodexo wasn’t your ordinary commons food. There were egg salad sandwiches, turkey wraps, cheese cubes, muffins and more! The drinks came with names and tasted a fruity sweetness. Not to mention, non alcoholic jello shots were passed around by waiters. My friends would grab me by the arm and tug me towards the center of the dance floor. I’d resist at first, but give in because “A little Party never killed no body,” right?

At the stroke of midnight, balloons fell from the ceiling. I watched them float in amazement then pop before they hit the ground. The MSC was filled with people until everyone headed to the Commons for pancakes. Like a sheep, I followed the crowd with friends to the commons and ended the night stuffing my face with more food; the perfect way to end the night.