Goodbye England - Wait... Do we have to leave?

Goodbye England - Wait... Do we have to leave?

I can't believe it's already the end of this amazing journey! Three weeks is really too short. This trip has been tough, beautiful, invigorating and full of new surprises. I'm going to miss the bustle of London and how much there is to this giant city with all the culture I was able to submerge myself into in only a short amount of time. Taking the Tube everywhere in the city was efficient and dirty, and I loved every smog filled breathe I inhaled. I'm going to miss meeting new people everywhere I go. The city is busy, but there are moments where a friendly face may stop and have a chat with you as you share a brief moment on similar paths. I'll miss the conversations I've had, and I plan to pen pal with the new acquaintances I've met along the way.

Dunfield, you were two weeks of beautifully quiet country, and I know our dance parties in room two could be heard all the way into Kington. I'll miss being with the wonderful group of women I got to stay with and becoming closer with everyone who came on this trip. I'll miss all the wonderful staff at the house, who didn't mind our ravenous toast eating habits. Thank you Paul and Sue, who run Dunfield and managed to keep their heads on with 40 students in the house to keep them up at night. All the card games and other games we played in large groups at night after classes... bunching up on a couch so we could all watch movies on a laptop... These will be forever memories.

The day trips, all of us piled into a coach for however long. We were never told an accurate time. Paddy! The brilliant Irish coach driver! You got us lost then almost broke the coach during an attempt to drive on a road that was clearly too small. It was terrifying but hilarious as well. You talking to us over the intercom made the ride all the better. By far, I think majority wins in saying you're our favorite.

To Gary, John, Dennis, Isaac and Raquel: I couldn't possibly imagine a better team of professors than you. Thank you for being our teachers and friends. I do believe we've all grown on this trip and have become closer.

Studying abroad is something I greatly encourage. You learn about yourself, your topic of choice (American identity abroad), and you learn about another country first hand. That's not something you can get out of online photos or a history book. To submerge into another society is an amazing experience and it's something I'll always remember. I'm not ready to leave this beautiful country. 

Maddie Jaggars '17