England, I Love You

England, I Love You

All the days are beginning to blur together. There is so much to do in such a short amount of time. Between experiencing everything and writing about it, it's hard to remember what day it is. So, here I am, finally having a moment to write what has been going on here in this wondrous country.

On Wednesday, a small group of us (about 20), finally took the Tube to Tate Britain, an art museum. There were three levels filled with works of art from the 1800s-1990s. It was dizzying how much there was to look at. All free, might I mention. After the museum, we tubed back to the hotel where we all dispersed. A friend and I chose to get off the main streets and wander the blocks in search of food. It doesn't get any less hectic off the main roads, but there's more to see. We found a café, and I checked eating fish 'n' chips in London off my bucket list! It was delicious! I also learned the difference between chips and French fries. (Chips are much larger than fries, if you're wondering.) Later that night I walked all of Hyde Park; not intentionally. It's extremely easy to get lost in there and end up on the wrong side of the park.

Thursday... my, I can't believe that was only yesterday... We spent the whole day out in the city! A small group of us (nine), along with professors Raquel and Isaac (the dream team), went on a quest for Banksy street art. And we found it! His works can be difficult to find, and it was amazing to find a piece that was defaced by other artists, as it's a common occurrence. There's even an app to find the locations of works. After we found the piece, we decided, since we were close, we'd hop on the Tube and go see Buckingham. We got there right when it was the "changing of the guards," and it was packed with thousands of tourists. We looked at the palace from across the street, due to the chaos of people. After a brief viewing of Royalty, we got back onto the Tube and went to Trafalgar Square. We went shopping, of course, and ate at this wonderful Indian restaurant, Saltn Pepper. There were street performers, artists of all kinds, and plenty of scammers who attempted to approach us. Don't let them fool you. Their acts are clever and drawn out.

Later that night, a few of us ventured out on our own to Piccadilly — that's where the nightlife is — and were being spontaneous, looking for a tattoo shop. While walking, a performer was singing Beatles songs, which led me to believe I needed a tribute tattoo at that moment. Well, you can't be impulsive with these things... We traveled blocks upon blocks looking for this shop only to find that just about every shop closes at about 6 or 8, unless it's a pub. So the adventure was a bust, and we went to Chipotle.. I know, I know. We can't get away from American food. There's literally a TGI Fridays on every corner in Piccadilly, ANNNNDDDD their McDonalds are way WAY fancier and better quality than any I've ever seen! All over is advertised AMERICAN TASTE... London, you've got us beat on quality fast food. After eating, we took a look at the nightlife for a bit only to take a double decker back to the hotel.

This city is captivating, and I love everything about it! Even all the loose stones that trip me on the side walk. I already want to live here. *cough cough* (please hire) 

Maddie Jaggars '17