The College Transition... You can do this.

The College Transition... You can do this.

College: where some of the best days of your life happen. Admit it, whether you’re a freshman, transfer or experienced upperclassman, at one point or another, you’ve struggled at least once with the transition.

First off, this isn’t high school anymore. You’re not required to be in the same building for eight hours of your day, go to class or have a meeting with the principal and your parents, or even eat the horrendous, government-controlled school lunches. You have freedom and you deserve it. What are you going to do with all this freedom you have? Should you do homework or take a nap? They’re both tempting, especially the first one, right?! I’m kidding - mostly - but prioritizing in college might seriously be one of the most difficult challenges. It gets easier once you figure out what you have to do each day of the week, and after a couple of weeks, you’ll have a good idea of when you can nap and when you need to study.

community bathrooms
Community bathrooms can be rough.

Dorm life can be tough; especially if you’re used to having a lot of space at home. Welcome to college, where you share a room smaller than the one you had at home and have community bathrooms to share with 40 other people. It might be lame, but the Graceland "House" system makes up for it. The people on your hall will become some of your greatest friends while you’re here. You’ll have activities together, as well as late night House meetings, which keep you informed and bring the hall together.

GU House

The “Freshman 15:” ever heard of that? Some think it’s a joke, but it’s oh so real. The commons will be your greatest ally when you’re starving or trying to emotionally eat, but your worst enemy if you’re trying to watch your weight. Nothing looks good today? Quesadilla it is… again. But, just when you start to think you’ve tried it all, the smart minds of the kitchen staff save the day and create something new that everyone loves. The Commons will keep you on your toes!

quesadilla maker
The quesadilla maker in the Commons is a life saver.

Alone time - what’s that? Once you move on campus, no matter what direction you turn, you’ll always see people. Sure, you can escape to your room from time to time, but usually there will be people around. Thank goodness I’m not an introvert because alone time is rare on campus! You know what isn’t rare? PDA. Get used to it because couples are everywhere. It’s cool though, because sooner or later you’ll find someone and fall into the same category.

The transition to college can be difficult at times, but it’s all a learning process. There are going to be days where you’re stressed to the max, as well as days where you’ll have fun like no other. Just know you’re not the only one who struggles with this transition.

Need extra help?

Graceland University offers free help with new and returning students who are having trouble in many areas. Here’s a list of people you can contact who offer resources for you: 
Catharine Craig – Director of Career and Personal Counseling (CAP) Center
Lauren Youngs – Personal Counselor
Christi Dickerson – Student Life
Deb Skinner – Residence Life
Diana Jones – International Student Affairs

by Jeremy Deemer
Class of 2018