These lips are moving, but I ain't lying... Lamoni summers rock.

These lips are moving, but I ain't lying... Lamoni summers rock.

I get it, you think Lamoni is boring in the summertime. Half the population is gone, most of your friends left you hanging in a town that has nothing to do when the sun goes down. Let me, a typical “townie,” who knows the ins and outs of this small, but mighty town, show you why you’re completely wrong. 


You’ve worked hard to get your beach bod, or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, I understand, you want to show it off. Call up some friends and hit up the local pool during the hot afternoons. Whether you’re looking for a great tan or trying to show off a few of your not so impressive diving board tricks, this is the place to do it. 


Admit it, you walk past a playground and are dying to go down a slide, spin on the merry-go-round or see who can get the highest on a swing. Chill out, grill some burgers and turn up the tunes. Lamoni has two parks, North and Central, which are the perfect spots to relax and let your inner kid out.



Trying to stay fit because you’re an athlete at GU? Grab a bike, running shoes or roller blades and hit the trail. Burn some calories while enjoying the nature we have to offer. It doesn’t hurt that you’re 250 feet from Kum & Go when you finish the trail, either. Can you say snacks? 


Want to prove you’re a multi-sport athlete? Then grab a glove and sign up for the adult slow pitch league. Show people why you’re the best in the business, along with hanging out with some great friends. Who knows, this might just be a home run experience. 

Farmer’s Market

The Lamoni Farmer’s Market provides a fantastic start to your Saturday. On South Linden Street from 8:30 a.m. to noon, you can find fresh produce from local vendors, including the Graceland Hoop House, breakfast options to enjoy while you walk around and shop, handmade items and other local products.


Home Pond, located on the west side of town, is a local favorite for anyone trying to fish or get a scenic view. You can get a fishing license at Hy-Vee in Lamoni. To learn more, click here. Besides fishing, Home Pond offers views that are hard to beat.

East of town is home to Lake LaShane. If you want a nature-inspired getaway from Lamoni, without leaving the 50140, this is the spot. Along with fishing, Lake LaShane is a quiet spot to have an old fashioned picnic. There aren’t any tables or grills, so be sure to bring a blanket and cooler.


Sharing the southeast border with Graceland University is the Lamoni Golf and Country Club. Featuring a nine-hole course, you can go out and hit some golf balls and see if you can get a hole in one. For more information regarding memberships and cart rentals, call 641-784-6022. 

Disc Golf

If normal golf isn’t necessarily your go-to, disc golf is a fun and unique activity that stretches all throughout town, including some holes on Graceland University’s campus. This eighteen-hole course is sure to impress. For more information about the disc golf course, call 784-7288.

Now you have a “townie’s” perspective on what Lamoni really has to offer in the summer. Sure, you’re still going to have some down time, but honestly, a nap is probably going to fill that time up. Check out these activities, a grand time is insured. 


by Jeremy Deemer
Class of 2018