Super Study Spots

Super Study Spots


Super Study Spots

If you need a place to go for a group project, a quieter place to focus and get some stuff done, or just a change of scenery, here are some great ideas of some of the best places to study on campus!

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There’s Some Noise

Pretty Loud




Upstairs Library
This is my personal favorite place to study. The lounges are equipped with nice comfy rugs (if you’re a floor studier), cushiony chairs and couches (which are good for surprise naps.) You can just shut yourself into this little area, close out the world and focus in on whatever you need to get done.
If you’re a desk studier, or if somebody has already taken that glorious study room of bliss, then the cubicles are a good second choice. Their little walls keep outside distractions away from your line of vision and allow you to remain zoned in on your work.

Downstairs Library
This place is great for group projects or group study sessions that you actually want to be more like hangouts. They have the coffee and hot chocolate down there for you at night, tons of tables so everyone has a spot, a couple areas with comfy couches and computer labs at all your disposal for fun gatherings and knowledge gaining.

Middle Area of Library
This is probably the best area for group projects. Unlike the upstairs where you have to remain quiet (which hinders the group aspect), and unlike the downstairs where it’s sort of a free-for-all (which hinders the work aspect), the middle section allows talking, but puts restrictions on the volume. This allows groups to collaborate, but also keeps it quiet enough for thinking to occur.

helene center


Helene Center

Upstairs Lounge
Unless you go during a class time, this area is generally pretty quiet. It has a couple tables with chairs, or some exceptionally comfortable lounge chairs for you to settle down in and get some stuff done. It also has some great windows that let in sunlight that you can bask in and it’s just wonderful. This is a place where many nap attacks occur so, actually, if you have something really important to do, maybe select another spot, or at least not the heavenly lounge chairs.




MSC Lounge Area
This area is a nice place for a casual group study session if you don’t mind sharing it with other potentially rowdy students, considering you’ll be right next to the game area. That just adds to the fun, casual atmosphere, which will take away from the stress of whatever assignment you have to crank out.


Shaw Center

shaw center

The Shaw Lobby is usually a pretty quiet area with the occasional group of chatting students walking by, but it offers a calm atmosphere that is relaxed enough to allow a bit of distraction and goofing off, but you’ll be able to finish up your assignments.

Green Room
The Green Room is set-up like a conference room. It has a long table with many chairs so it’s good for a group project, or for just you or a couple friends to head over for a quiet place to get some work done.




***(The noise level depends on where you are)
When the weather's nice, heading outside to study is great. You can grab a blanket, lie in the grass, sit at a table or bench, whatever you prefer and enjoy nature while being productive. Some great areas to do this at are the Shaw Amphitheatre, by the lake, or on any of the many large lawn areas filled with big, beautiful shade trees that Graceland’s campus has. Some of the locations for tables and benches are by the Cheville Chapel, Zimmermann, the Swarm, Patroness, the ad building, Resch and Founders Lake. 

Heather Prettyman '15, Dimora House