Operation: Get to Belize

When I got to the airport Monday morning it was about 5:15 am..yes early. After everyone arrived we checked in and headed towards our terminal. Boarding our first plane was no fun for me. It was the smallest plane I had ever been on. Luckily our flight from Houston to Belize was the bigger. Landing in Belize was such a relief because I thought we had been traveling forever. Stepping out of the plane the air was thick and hot. At this point I was a bit nervous to go through customs for my first time. I imagined myself being stopped and asked so many question that I didn't know they'd send me back home. Thankfully the man looked at my passport and said "first time in Belize Ms.Gomez"? I said yes and he gave me a nod allowing me to pass. I was happy that was over when I realized it's harder to get in then get out. Greeeat. After everyone got their luggage, we all packed into a bus and began our journey to Placencia. Our first stop was the Belize zoo! Wow! I felt like I was in the middle of the rainforest. It poured the first 10 minutes we were there, but cleared up so we could adventure in the zoo. It was amazing we saw awesome birds, a jaguar, and cute little Tucans. At one point I was about two feet away from a beautiful cheetah. Separated by a fence of course. After our great time at the it was time for food. We stopped at this side of the road restaurant where I ordered a baked potato and salad. Everything around me was so beautiful it was unbelievable that I was in such a amazing place. After we got food we had one more stop to the grocery store. It was a lot different than hyvee. You can't get anything you want because their supplies are limited unlike our stores. Most of us got rice, beans, cereal, and pasta. The easy things. Now finally on our way to Placencia with no stops, it was getting dark and all we could see on the right and left was jungle. We then realized there are no traffic laws in Belize other that Please don't run people off the road to a 100 ft drop. Literally. The road had to be shared with both sides of traffic and the bridges were so small you could not see the ground on either sides. Also the rain was pouring down again not a surprise to us now. After what seemed like years of traveling we made it to Lydia's guest house. We picked our rooms girls upstairs boys with Linda and Lilly downstairs. We then went willingly to sleep excited to start yoga.