The Best Kept Food Secrets in Lamoni

The Best Kept Food Secrets in Lamoni

Just when you think you know everything there is to eat around here, you learn something new.  We talked to some townies about what their favorite things to eat in Lamoni are, and we were surprised by what they said.  There is are some real food gems that you can find if you know where to look.

1. Pizza Shack’s Pasta and Italian Subs

Everyone knows Pizza Shack has pizza, but most Graceland students have not tried their pasta or Italian subs.  Some Lamoni locals claim they are the best items on the menu; they may even be better than the pizza!

2. Pierce’s onion petals

Pierce’s Dairy Cup is a great place to get some delicious ice cream, but they also have a lot of good warm food on their menu.  The onion petals are made with a special breading that will make your mouth water.

3. Pierce’s chicken wings

One of the other must-try foods at Pierce’s is the chicken wings.  Most people don’t know about them, because they aren’t on the menu.  If you want to order them, just ask.

4. Quilt Country buffet

One of Lamoni’s favorite things to eat is Quilt Country’s buffet.  Located across the street from Kum and Go, Quilt Country has magnificent country style food that will warm your soul as well as your stomach. 

5. La Cocina Real’s buffet

La Cocina Real is not just the best Mexican restaurant in Lamoni; it’s the only one.  Every Tuesday and Friday they have a delicious buffet that has almost everything on the menu.  If you do order off the menu, try the Chicken le crème.

6. The Dinky Diner 

The Dinky Diner is just outside of Lamoni in Decatur.  You’ll see how it got its name when you get there.  It's an old place with great food and friendly faces. After you are finished with your meal, don't forget to treat yourself to a slice of their wonderful pie.