Creating the Jefferson Highway Mural

Creating the Jefferson Highway Mural

written by: Bobbie Moore '20

The new mural in Lamoni is nearly finished – just a few layers of a clear topcoat, and it is done!

The vibrant mural across form the Community Center features an old gas station from Lamoni's history with the Jefferson Highway sign on it. "From Pine to Palm," as the Jefferson Highway runs from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The gas station scene is surrounded by big trees and a very colorful geometric pattern as the background.

The process of painting the mural took some time but was a great community activity. There were many different faces outside painting every day; even as the temperature rose, people were still willing to participate.

Karen Gergely, Graceland Assistant Professor of Art and Art Department Coordinator, organized the painting of the mural and kept the process fun and positive! She welcomed anyone who wanted to help out or just hang out. Stopping by, you might have seen people on ladders or scaffolding painting up top, people sitting and painting, people mixing paint, others just gathering and visiting, and in general people just having a good time. Many students and faculty from Lamoni Schools and Graceland University were out working on the mural as well as community members.

Now, as you pass by the location, you can see the nearly-finished, beautiful mural and the color it adds to downtown Lamoni.