The Tradition of Caroling and Cakes

The Tradition of Caroling and Cakes

Written by: Mikayla Austin '17

At Graceland University, you'll find tons of traditions that happen throughout the school year. We’ve got homecoming events in October, New Year’s in November, Big Man on Campus in the spring, Final Fling in April, COSA's Academy Awards, etc. And then during “Hell week” (the week before finals), faculty and staff members of Graceland walk around campus singing Christmas carols on a school night, and later, students get after-hours pancakes in the Commons as sort of a study break. What could be better than eating free food and being serenaded? This is the time where faculty really bring out their inner singer. Faculty members you may not even know at Graceland show up and sing their hearts out - or cook you pancakes. Only at Graceland…

If you happen to know someone working in Patroness Hall, Student Activities, Residence Life or Student life, there's a chance they'll be caroling for Caroling & Cakes. Usually they show up unexpectedly during quiet hours, and everyone reads off music sheets. You usually hear old but good Christmas songs. One year, someone had a guitar, and a voted-in professor (selected by student majority) got pie thrown in his face in the Commons. (Thanks for that.)

Assistant Professor of Mathematics receives a pie in the face at the 2014 Caroling & Cakes.

Students may feel very stressed out at this time of the year, but Graceland does a good job with making students feel motivated and even more underprepared er, I mean, confident for finals. So, if you are a student currently at Graceland and hear random singing in the hallways, be sure to hang outside in the residence halls or library to catch a tune, or even join in! (And don't forget about the pancakes... yum.)