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High Tunnel Short Course

December 1, 2017

The sustainability crew headed toward Ames, Iowa, for a High Tunnel short course! This was a great opportunity for our sustainability program to learn more about high tunnels so we can apply the information we learn to the one we have on campus.

As the leaves begin to change and the threat of frost approaches, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about this past summer and all the skills I was able to learn and my community involvement. I was able to experience a green(er) lifestyle over the summer, and will use the tools in the future.

Protecting Protected Time

November 8, 2017

You may have heard about “protected time” around Graceland's campus and been confused, because there really is no set description. In fact, that open-ended and vague idea of a time period set aside is exactly the point of its implementation into Graceland's residence life here on campus.

Graceland Goes Green

October 30, 2017

Over the summer, an initiative put in by Professor Jen Abraham-White allowed for the purchase of new recycling bins for each of the buildings on Graceland’s Lamoni campus. Historically, our campus has had recycling bins, however they are few and far apart. The newer multicolored bins enable and help to influence a greener mindset of the students here at Graceland — and thus far it shows.

Graceland was founded by the Community of Christ in 1895. Although many colleges founded in accordance with a church are seen as strictly encouraging the membership of their own organization, Graceland has promoted and practiced the belief in the spiritual journey and development of its students in whatever denomination or beliefs that includes.

Des Moines Fashion Week

October 4, 2017

Graceland University students from the fashion club Runway Avenue attended the Des Moines Fashion Week finale and offer a review of their experience.

We asked a group of students involved in the peer mentoring program at Graceland University what they wish they would have known when beginning their college career at Graceland...

The process of painting the mural took some time but was a great community activity. There were many different faces outside painting every day; even as the temperature rose, people were still willing to participate.

John Sellars, Graceland University President 2007-17: interview by Keondrea Richards ‘17

It’s that time of the year again where finals are again coming back to haunt us… Yay, college. But don’t worry, you can put all of the worrying and stress to the side for now, because Final Fling is back!

There is a rise of awareness among millennials. As times are changing and we are slowly moving into the adult world, questions are posed to us more than ever, and the answer to how we will affect the world around us is a constant presence in many of our lives.

We all know Graceland has a rich history for being a caring community - it’s what makes us unique. This past weekend, over 200 Graceland volunteers (students, staff and faculty) again showed how amazing this campus truly is. Graceland University was fortunate enough to host the Special Olympics Spring Games for the South Central Iowa area.

As promised in our last blog post, Graceland Sustainability is back with more photos and facts about insects in the Lamoni area. Now we are highlighting the amazing and helpful arthropods we should see in the area soon, as spring continues to arrive with these recent rains.

When the temperature climbs back up into a comfortable range (the recent rains and warmth tell me it may be doing so for good!), all the insects that have overwintered will start to emerge and quickly multiply. Some of these little creatures are beneficial to humans, and some are harmful, but they all play an important role in our local ecosystems.

Every year, Graceland University COSA (Campus Organization for Social Activities) puts on a beauty pageant. But wait, there’s a plot twist: it’s an all-male beauty pageant. Wait, what? A male beauty pageant, you say? Is this for real? YES! Get excited.

As a senior at Graceland, and a temporary resident of Lamoni, it struck me the other day that I’ve lived here for three and a half years and don’t know where we get our electricity and water from. It occurred to me that the majority of Graceland students probably don’t know, either. These are important things to know, regardless of where you live, and they are especially useful bits of knowledge when it comes to being mindful of our energy use and how it affects our environment. I went on a little hunt for this information, and here it is in a nutshell, along with a few tips on how to make good choices with the environment in mind!

What could be better than eating free food and being serenaded? This is the time where faculty really bring out their inner singer. Faculty members you may not even know at Graceland show up and sing their hearts out - or cook you pancakes. Only at Graceland…

Sustainability in December

December 6, 2016

As the semester is coming to an end, this is a great time to share some of the service learning events that were coordinated this semester through Graceland Sustainability, in conjunction with the discourse classes.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yep, you guessed it. Finals week is upon us and creeping ever so near!

To Those Who Wait

November 22, 2016

Earlier this month, the Graceland Sustainability team, along with students from Sustainability Coordinator Jen Abraham-White’s critical thinking course, had a special opportunity presented to us: we were invited to watch the netting, banding and rerelease of northern saw-whet owls in order to gain knowledge on their migration habits.

As the month of November approaches, there are many activities that go on around Graceland’s campus. One of the biggest events put on by COSA is New Year’s in November. Because classes aren’t in session on Dec. 31, celebrating the new year in November is a Graceland tradition.

A Day as a Volunteer

October 27, 2016

I recently volunteered with Graceland’s Ag Business program at the Iowa Hunger Summit – a weeklong convention discussing the issue of poverty and hunger, domestic and foreign – to earn service learning hours for a class. My group left Graceland for downtown Des Moines at 4:30 a.m., and after our journey to the city, we registered, got our fancy name badges, then found the complimentary coffee and bagels...

AUTHOR: Jenna Cox '17   We are only a couple of weeks into the 2016-17 school year, but the Graceland Sustainability team is already hard at work on a lot ...

Spec to an Outsider

August 1, 2016

I am not a Spec kid. I never went to the summer camp hosted here at Graceland and had literally no idea what it was until at least January of my freshman year when it was actual...

The Power of One

June 17, 2016

After move in day freshmen year, I was left in a very interesting situation. Mom and dad were gone, all the new students were getting settled with their new homes and roommates....