Alumni Spotlight: Mike Davis

Graceland alum Mike Davis `10

Mike Davis ’10 samples the pizza everywhere he goes. It is all part of the cultural immersion that Mike includes in his research. His time at Graceland included managing the Pizza Shack, and he considers himself a connoisseur.

For the past seven years, Mike Davis has had great success working with Prosci, a change management research firm that works with Fortune 500 clients around the world to improve project results. He loves the research analyst components of his job – asking questions to find out what does and doesn’t work in a successful company, then developing strategies for change.

As a research analyst and operations manager, Mike applies the curiosity and work ethic he developed at Graceland. In 2010, he graduated with a double major in business administration and accounting. He loved how his tax classes applied knowledge of systems and numbers to real-life scenarios. He knew he didn't want to be a traditional number cruncher, and that he'd rather apply the theories he learned to systemic change for the betterment of organizations and society.

Mike found his passion for business planning while participating in Enactus at Graceland. The program challenged him to create new solutions and better processes, and to communicate ideas with teammates, executives and consumers. He loves creating strategies that could solve our daily problems. His garage is filled with new business plans on poster boards. For him, business is a way of thinking.

Applying this mindset to the Global Affiliate Network that he works with at Prosci has produced success. Since he was promoted to the team two years ago, they’ve grown from 12 to 32 partners serving over 45 countries. Mike is working to develop infrastructure within this expansion while improving the quality of their partnerships.

Mike Davis on travels with a friend trying out some new local fare“A lot of what I do for Prosci today is develop, foster and grow relationships with our partners around the world. In my interview process for Prosci, I described what Graceland’s curriculum helped me discover. I am aware that it was much more than the classes I took, or the faculty, or the smaller student body; it was the collective result of spending four years in a setting that focuses on students learning to be successful.”

“I learned how to maintain relationships at Graceland,” Mike shared. “Economics classes taught me how to apply theory, accounting taught me how to follow rules, and business taught me how to make my own rules.”

Mike’s memories of Graceland are rich with friendships that continue. He regularly plans ski trips with several of his Cheville buddies and is one of the partners with Enactus on the GU4U alumni/student mentoring program. Mike also serves on the Graceland Alumni Board of Directors, where he puts his strategizing skills to work giving back to his alma mater.

“Graceland was the best four years of my life. At Graceland students are given an opportunity to define themselves, to learn to balance work and life, and for me, to learn how to ask questions and find creative solutions.”

Back to the pizza. As a world traveler, Mike can tell you about pizza (and business) in Africa, Europe, South America, Central America, Australia, Canada and across the U.S., where he has had an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and rich collaboration with a new Prosci affiliate, creating solutions to make life a little bit better.

"Graceland was the best four years of my life. At Graceland, students are given an opportunity to define themselves, to learn to balance work and life, and for me, to learn how to ask questions and find creative solutions."

~Mike Davis