Graceland Students can pursue graduate degrees in Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University

School of Diplomacy and International Relations Seton Hall University with LogoGraceland University enjoys a special agreement with the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University. The agreement offers far-reaching benefits for Graceland students pursuing careers in diplomacy and international relations.

The agreement paves the way for Graceland graduates to attend this prestigious school, one of the top-ranked programs of its kind in the world. These students have opportunities to interact with world-renowned diplomats, political luminaries and leaders in the business world. Tremendous internship possibilities at the UN, USAID, IRC, UNICEF, international think tanks, NGOs, the State Department and others are accessible to its students. All the while, they are earning graduate degrees leading them to exceptional careers around the world.

Seton Hall is located in South Orange, New Jersey, just a half-hour from New York City, where official and social functions position these students among the world's most influential decision makers. Not to mention that NYC is arguably the most captivating city in the world and offers limitless cultural, culinary and entertainment opportunities.

The expanded international studies degree and other programs Graceland University now offers make Graceland graduates ideal candidates for this school. A background in statistics, research methods, and macro and micro economics serves students well in their preparation for Seton Hall.

There is a vast network of connections at Seton Hall linking its students to organizations and government agencies resulting in internship choices like NPR, the Secret Service and the Stimson Center, a global policy think tank.

Seton Hall has a summer institute program that allows Graceland students to study as undergraduates and enjoy internships as well. At the summer institutes, Graceland students can study Russian, Cantonese, Arabic and other languages critical to future career postings. Scholarships are also available to Graceland students, so they can study abroad at the American University in Bulgaria and possibly at the American Universities in Rome and Cairo in the future.