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Student Perspective

Graceland is more than a School, It’s a Family

May 3, 2016

There is no greater truth about Graceland University than its greatest cliché: what is special about Graceland is the people. As students, we hear time and time again how incredible the people of Graceland are – how the lasting friendships...

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England Expedition: Day One

May 2, 2016

We woke up early and piled into the busses. I'm not sure if I'm more anxious or excited at this point. Being in the airport has been a surreal feeling, and I'm not sure it has truly kicked in that...

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Graceland Student Government and YOU

February 17, 2016

Student leadership at Graceland University is a great way to get involved, be a part of a team, develop leadership skills and have your voice heard. But as everyone's favorite Uncle Ben Parker once said, “with great power comes great...

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Personal Responsibility, What?

February 9, 2016

An in-depth look at personal responsibilities would get you a really deep and personal understanding of what it means to be responsible in your own life. A cursory Google search will get you a short definition and a little bit...

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The Non-Atlhlete

February 4, 2016

A student athlete, by definition, is any student who has had eligibility, or who has previously been approved by a coach, for a sport for a given year. Excluding student coaches and managers, each student is accounted for once, despite...

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The Freshman 15

January 29, 2016

When you left for college, did you have people say to you, “watch out for that freshman 15?” If so, you probably just thought it was a joke or a myth, right? Well, unfortunately it is a very real problem...

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Top 5 Wins and Losses – Being a Student-Athlete in College

November 9, 2015

By definition, a “student-athlete” is a participant in an organized competitive sport sponsored by the educational institution in which he or she is enrolled. BUT… if you ask any of us, there’s way more to it. Being a student-athlete does...

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Tips and Tricks for Studying Your Way Through College!

October 30, 2015

By Hannah Krueger If you are anything like I was, you have probably noticed that college is a completely different ball game, in every way, from high school. When I started at Graceland in 2012, I thought I would be...

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Graceland Homecoming: It’s So Much Fun It Might Kill You

October 23, 2015

by Jayce Finnell “It’s so much fun it might kill you.” This is probably the scariest, yet most accurate way to describe Graceland University Homecoming. As a student who was just kicked in the face by Homecoming 2015, I have...

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