Stephen Moore '16

Graceland student Stephen Moore `16

Stephen Moore

Major: Biology, Chemistry, Minor in Math

Before coming to Graceland, Stephen Moore of Scottsdale, Arizona, didn’t see himself as the best student. However, things have changed. Now as a junior, Stephen not only juggles two majors and a minor, but he also plays on the varsity volleyball team and has held a position in the student government.

Stephen attributes a lot of his growth to the opportunities available at Graceland. He remembers his first college course, and making the decision to change his attitude toward school. “I grabbed my chemistry textbook and sat in the library and studied for an hour. I decided I would do that every day; sit in the library and study for an hour. Then, the hour kept getting longer and longer and longer, and I spent more and more time studying.”

These days, Stephen thrives on challenges and organic chemistry is his favorite class. He has gained a lot of respect for his professors, Dr. Dan Pratt and Dr. Mary Shawgo, due to the way they teach their challenging courses.

“Time and time again I’ve wondered if it would have been possible to change as much if I had gone to a larger university. I do know that I had the opportunity to become a much better student at Graceland,” said Stephen.

Growing up in the Community of Christ, Stephen was no stranger to Graceland. His parents, Bruce and Jennifer Moore, attended Graceland; however, he wasn’t sure it was the place for him until he went to Spectacular. In his junior year of high school, he was awarded the Wallace B. Smith Scholarship, and that cemented his decision. 

After graduation, Stephen plans to further his education by enrolling in a combined MD/PhD program, where he hopes to gain more experience in research and medicine. Stephen is grateful that Graceland challenged him to develop in new ways, beyond what he imagined.