Christa Hill '15

Graceland music and education student Christa Hill `15

Christa Hill '15

Major: Music and Elementary Education with a Math Endorsement

Three years ago, Christa Hill of Oakdale, Minnesota, made the easy decision to come to Graceland University. “I had three main reasons that I wanted to go to Graceland; family, friends and church. I knew I would have a great experience here,” explained Hill. However, the inviting community wasn’t the only influential factor in her decision.

Christa has always been academically inclined, and it was important for her to feel challenged in the classroom. The Honors Program made that simple both academically and fiscally. With the option to take over 18 credit hours per semester, free of any additional charge, Christa is able to be as studious as she desires to be. This, in conjunction with the scholarships she earned, made Graceland a viable option for Christa. “Scholarships helped out a ton. I have received a number of scholarships and they add up pretty quickly. I also have a work study, which is even better. All of these things helped make Graceland more affordable,” Hill says, “It’s the best of both worlds!”

Now, Christa is on the cusp of graduating. Originally, Hill was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to complete her degree in four years since her Music and Elementary Education majors don’t share many courses. This fall she will be taking 23 credit hours in order to graduate in May 2015. She will finish her practicum in the winter, and will fulfill her student teaching requirements in the spring. With her incredible work ethic, and the availability of personal advisors, Christa has been able to complete what would usually take five or six years, in four. Hill says, “My two majors don’t really overlap, but my advisor worked some sort of miracle and essentially took two five-year programs and was able to combine them into one four-year program. I’ve been very busy, but it’s doable.”

Despite all of her hard work, Christa still attributes a lot of her success at Graceland to the staff and how much they care about students. She really appreciates the amount of dedication and work that professors and advisors lend to students. “The professors are really nice and you can tell that they care about you and want to have a personal relationship with you, but they also want to challenge you.” For Christa, it’s clear that Graceland has provided everything she could have wanted for her college experience.