Tabitha Gonzalez '14

Graceland student Tabitha Gonzalez `14

Tabitha Gonzalez '14

Majors: Visual Communication and Business Administration

Tabitha Gonzalez is a confident and determined artist. Coming to Graceland in 2011 on several scholarships, including the Rio Grande Valley Texas Endowed Scholarship, she will graduate in December 2014 with degrees in Visual Communication and Business Administration. Tabitha is excited about her future in the creative art world. She always knew she wanted to be an artist and attacks her education and career development with gusto.

At Graceland she has diversified her artistic development from drawing to painting then to photography, while preparing herself for the business world as well. “Art has always been a love of mine, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would get me this far! Ever since I was little, you could find my doodles on walls, homework, even napkins. Just ask my mom.” Her confidence in her artistic skill along with her leadership development sets her apart on her way to becoming a successful artist in the business world.

Talent and determination have opened doors for Tabitha, and she has been given several opportunities to shine. “If not for Graceland, I wouldn’t have the opportunities of becoming a freelance artist, art teacher, graphic designer, president of the art club, comic illustrator, fashion/beauty photographer or marketing intern, all of which motivate me to continue on this creative path. Graceland has given me the confidence to follow my dreams and continues to make a difference in my life.” Tabitha painted a mural for the stairwell in the Helene Center for the Visual Arts, and another for the 2013 Community of Christ Peace Colloquy. Both are visually impacting, large format paintings that demand attention. She prefers large format art and often focuses on portraiture.

Graduating in Visual Communications, Tabitha will present her senior art show during Graceland University Homecoming in October. The show will be a culmination, a cohesive large body of work, which will showcase her talent and give her experience in preparing an exhibition. She credits Graceland for the successful launch of her artist career in a competitive market.