Vision, Mission, Values

Graceland University educates students for advanced study, for productive careers and for rich lives. Its student body is a targeted, yet diverse group that includes persons of different ages, backgrounds and national origins who share a commitment to learning. Its curriculum, firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradition and enhanced by career-oriented practical experiences, affirms different styles of learning and prepares students to become competent professionals. Its highly qualified faculty excel in teaching and engage in scholarly, creative and professional activities. Together with the administration and staff, they care deeply about students.

Graceland offers a learning environment for the residential as well as the non-residential student that nurtures personal growth. Its challenging academic program stresses the joy of lifelong learning, the rigor of intellectual discipline and the relationship of both to a satisfying professional and personal life. Its size fosters genuine concern for the individual while providing fellowship and a sense of belonging. For the residential student, its rich co-curricular program of interest groups, athletics, student government, residential life and leisure activities provides opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, relationships, creativity and leadership.

Based on the Christian values of human dignity, mutual respect and social responsibility, Graceland welcomes persons of all faiths. It actively supports the counsel of its sponsoring denomination, Community of Christ, to “seek learning even by study, and also by faith” and indeed offers tangible expression of the church’s commitment to the open and free pursuit of knowledge through higher education.

Graceland promotes opportunity, justice and world peace through practical and visionary action.


Graceland University will become a recognized educational leader, inspiring and empowering persons for transformational service and leadership.


Graceland creates learning communities where students develop their potential for meaningful and productive lives.


Graceland values learning, wholeness and community. Graceland encourages the development of these values for the enrichment of lives and the betterment of the world.


We believe in the lifelong process of the open and free pursuit of truth.


We believe that the development of the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual dimensions of all persons is necessary for healthy and fulfilling lives.


We appreciate and welcome diversity and, as an institution sponsored by Community of Christ, believe in the inherent worth of all persons expressed through relationships built on the foundation of unconditional love and acceptance.