Bilawal Khoso, MFA

Assistant Professor of Art

Bilawal Khoso, MFA, is assistant professor of Art at Graceland University. Known as BK to his friends, he has years of extensive design, marketing and branding experience around the world.

BK is a graduate of Iowa State University and is passionate about graphic design. He has five years of work experience in various leading capacities and excels in developing powerful narrative he translates into dynamic visual language. He believes solutions in the world of design are above and beyond just aesthetics – they pertain toward cultural development, inspiration, social responsibility and voice of reason.

BK is focused on social design and aims to make an impact by delivering powerful ideas into dynamic design that inspires change for good. He is a visual thinker and designs to express himself. He is an outspoken individual with dreams of an all-inclusive society without any discrimination due to sexual orientation, religion, race, gender or ethnicity.

BK was a speaker on TEDxIowaStateUniversity, 2018. The talk was based on his thesis project titled GET - Get Together Get Along - a project based on social design to counter the racist and stereotypical narrative about communities that often find themselves at the receiving end of negative propaganda, hateful rhetoric and discrimination by giving a voice to individuals with stories that will educate, inspire and influence people. 

BK is a 28-year-old who loves to sing, is obsessed with cars and is always in a good mood unless hungry. Find more about BK on his website:

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Helene Center, Rm# E212

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Helene Center, Rm# E212