Mandy Sims, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

BA: Georgia State University
MS, PhD: University of Missouri-Columbia

Amanda Sims, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Graceland University. She earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Georgia State University and completed both her Master’s and Doctorate in Rural Sociology at the University of Missouri. Her dissertation, titled Survival of the Preppers: An Exploration into the Culture of Prepping, offers an insight into a cultural movement to better understand how preppers construct a unique cultural toolkit aimed at meeting their needs and solving a variety of problems in their lives.

Dr. Sims’ additional research interests include but are not limited to gender, pop culture and consumption. Broadly speaking, she is interested in how consumption practices are used in identity formation and how social media platforms promote consumption and the ways in which popular culture plays a role.

Dr. Sims teaches several different courses in sociology. Through her teaching, she hopes to assist students in developing a sociological imagination and a skillset which allows them to answer questions like “how can this be?” She strongly believes that providing a space for students to assemble an intellectual toolkit to better understand the world and the society in which they live, affords the opportunity for students to develop into citizens who have the capacity to positively affect the community in which they live.

Outside of teaching, Dr. Sims enjoys spending time with her husband and son, cheering on the Boston Red Sox and discovering new recipes to cook for her family.

Office Location

Briggs Hall, Rm 122

Mail Location

Briggs Hall, Rm 122