Justin Akers, MS

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

BS, MS – Iowa State University

Justin Akers is assistant professor of Business Administration at Graceland University, teaching courses in Business Administration, Agricultural Business and Accounting.

From 2010-16, Justin was director of the Sandage Center for the Study of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, led the ENACTUS team and co-advised the Ag Business Club. Before returning to Graceland in the fall of 2018, Justin most recently served as the Regional Director for the Mid Iowa Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Des Moines, which provides one-on-one business counseling to small businesses in the Des Moines Metro area. 

Justin and his wife, Kristen, are also active entrepreneurs. They own and operate both a small farm in nearby Ringgold County and a small business, FodderWorks Midwest LLC, which is a distributor for innovative agricultural equipment.

Justin has previous experience working in the real estate, property management and insurance fields. 

Office Location

Briggs, Rm 123

Mail Location

Briggs, Rm 123