Youth Launch Commission

The Youth Launch Commission is dedicated to providing quality programming and services to the communities of Southern Iowa. Our focus on positive youth development through education, volunteerism and service helps strengthen our communities. Volunteer opportunities presented by the Volunteer Center of Southern Iowa (VCSI), Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Southern Iowa (RSVP), and the AmeriCorps Youth Launch (AYL) provide opportunities for individuals to serve their community while building their own skills. Positive youth development is key to building a better tomorrow. The Youth Launch Leaders (YLL) program provides a variety of tools to adults who work with youth, to assure that they have the knowledge and skills to interact with youth in positive ways. The Youth Launch Commission is also pleased to offer limited grant funds to communities, schools and other organizations for projects that expand opportunities and foster positive youth development in the region.

Program Mission Statements

Youth Launch Commission strengthens the culture of positive youth development and civic engagement in Southern Iowa through education, volunteerism and service.

Youth Launch Leaders empowers adults to create healthy, nurturing and supportive environments for youth in Southern Iowa by providing leader education to inspire positive youth development.

AmeriCorps Youth Launch provides opportunities for students to lead successful, rewarding and productive lives. AmeriCorps members build assets, instill civic engagement and help young people find the “sparks” that ignite their passions in life.

The Volunteer Center of Southern Iowa has a goal of empowering Southern Iowa communities to be caring and compassionate through volunteerism. We strive to help strengthen and support health, wellness, safety and social services, meeting area needs and providing opportunities to strengthen community connectedness.

RSVP of Southern Iowa empowers seniors for meaningful contributions for community life.


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